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Alissa Sekulic


Head of Corporate Responsibility


Working with Whirlwindvisuals was a one of a kind experience for us. From the very beginning Steve understood our vision of catching our social project with 7 STREAMS in Bangladesh and the result speaks for itself (be warned, you might shed a tear watching it). Creative, fun, highly-professional and keeping a clear head even in the most difficult situation, he made sure that our needs were perfectly met and that everyone involved (from the tech-team to the interviewees to us as a brand) had a great time working together. The feedback we receive from our audience is amazing. Couldn’t have chosen anyone better for the job than Whirlwindvisuals. Thanks, Steve!

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Zaeem Jamal


Board of Directors 

ZXY International

Steve is absolutely phenomenal both in terms of his work and as a person. Capturing footage of fashion is all about evoking a feeling and Steve does this combining his mastery of film and his never ending perseverance to get the shot, whether that be on top of a building or deep under water - and we've experienced the extremes of both!

You send a man like Steve with full faith around the world (Turkey, Malta, India, Australia, Bangladesh and beyond) because of his skill, dedication, passion and knowing that he is going to deliver a brilliant creation.

Whether it be a project immersed within our team on site, or following directions remotely, he also listens to us, the client, with understanding, openness, incorporates feedback and comes through with a fantastic final product... Steve has unique skills, incredible passion, the ultimate spirit!


Michaela Augustin



Steve is highly organised being the director, cameraman and producer. Whirlwindvisuals picks up the essence of the person and project putting them in the best possible light.

For this specific project he even composed the music to get exactly the feel we were after.

He is enthusiastic, encouraging, creative, extremely competent and always relaxed sharing a smile or friendly word.

Don't look any further!

Michaela Augustin SCIENCEOFLIFE

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