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Zaeem Jamal Aquamarine Collection campaign

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When red carpet British Couturier Zaeem Jamal heralded as the UK’s ‘Alchemist of design’  approached us with the concept behind his Aquamarine collection we knew we were in for a creative challenge.

The concept was to showcase the collection underwater or surrounded by water connecting the viewer as closely to the ocean as possible while showcase the finest hand-embroidery, intricately woven laces, silk satins, chiffons, and crepes, gracefully and with flowing silhouettes.


A short behind the scenes video for social media purposes was also requested as well as still images for Magazine advertisements,

The initial underwater test shots took place in the UK, in a swimming pool to see how the different garments would react underwater in a controlled environment as well as to get some test footage to decide on the direction and style of the shoot.

Next was to decide on a suitable location taking into account the time of year, water temperature and weather reliability to maximise filming days.

Once finally deciding on a small island off Malta we put together a small agile expert and professional team to put the plan into action.


The outcome of a great team effort resulted in a series of several online video clips, Instagram teasers and an advert in Town & Country Magazine.



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